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GE Quantum LMV Motors For Sale

GE Quantum Motors For Sale

Welcome to our selection of GE Quantum motors for sale, where superior design meets exceptional performance. Our collection features a range of these high-quality, low and medium voltage motors, known for their inverter duty reliability and innovative cooling technology. Whether you’re looking for efficiency, durability, or flexibility in frame size selection, our GE Quantum motors are ready to power your industrial applications to new heights.

GE Quantum TEFC IEEE 841

The GE Quantum IEEE 841 TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor is a type of severe duty motor designed for harsh conditions in industries such as Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining, and General Process. The GE Quantum IEEE 841 TEFC is a go to motor for many different organizations.

ge quantum tefc motor

GE Quantum WP-2

The GE Quantum WP-2 is a heavy duty, electric motor with weather protective features (hence the WP designator) to allow reliable operation in harsh outdoor environments. It would be used in industries like mining, oil/gas, etc… that need high power motors outdoors. The GE Quantum weather protections allow it to withstand rain, snow, dust, etc.

quantum wp 2 motor

GE Quantum 580/7000

The GE Quantum 580 motor is a type of electric motor produced by General Electric. It is part of the Quantum series, which is known for its high efficiency and reliability. GE Quantum 580 motors are often used in various industrial applications due to their robust design and performance characteristics.

ge quantum 580 motor

Why Are GE Quantum Motors Better?

GE Quantum LMV motors we sell are also equipped with optional insulated bearings and a drive end shaft grounding ring to minimize the impact of harmful shaft voltages. They are available in a wide range of standard motors, offering reduced cycle times and stock level pricing to save time and cost. Quantum LMV motors are designed to be highly efficient and reliable, making them a valuable investment for many industrial applications people purchase them for.

Their advanced technology and innovative design contribute significantly to the global energy transition, promoting a more sustainable and efficient use of power. In essence, GE electrical motors, along with other motor technologies, are the unseen force that keeps the world moving, powering our lives in countless ways.

Unique Design

quantum motor unique design
An internal frame air circuit with patented frame D-Ducts and trapezoidal rotor vents dramatically increases airflow for a cooler operating motor. This gives more flexibility in choosing frame sizes.

Inverter Duty Reliability

motor inverter duty reliability
Optional Insulated bearings and drive end shaft grounding ring are optional. This minimizes the impact of harmful shaft voltages. A separate blower is available for constant torque applications.

Superior Bearings

high quality motor bearings

Available self-aligning spherically seated sleeve bearings allow the motor to adapt to the best position for the load. The shaft is allowed to adjust without increasing temperature, vibration or noise levels

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