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GE Quantum WP2 Motors For Sale

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Heartland Motors carries several GE Quantum WP2 motors for sale in our inventory. Our fast delivery times of 10 to 12 weeks for certain motors ensures you can get back on track as fast as possible.

General Electric’s Quantum WP2 motor represents a major advancement in electric motor technology. As the world moves toward more sustainable energy solutions, high-efficiency electric motors like the WP2 will play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption across many applications.


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GE Quantum WP2 Motors For Sale

The Quantum WP2 exemplifies GE’s decades-long legacy of innovation in motor design. It builds upon proven technologies like permanent magnet rotors and copper windings, while incorporating new materials and design principles to push the boundaries of efficiency.

Key Features of the Quantum WP2

Key features of the WP2 motor include:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous design: Uses powerful rare-earth magnets for high power density and efficiency up to 97%.
  • Advanced winding configuration: Carefully shaped copper windings minimize electrical losses.
  • Enhanced cooling system: Directs airflow over the motor’s active components for better heat dissipation.
  • Compact, lightweight package: Weighs up to 40% less than comparable induction motors.

The WP2’s extremely high efficiency yields significant energy savings over time, while its compact size facilitates integration into complex machinery. GE engineers have optimized the motor for variable speed operation, making it suitable for applications ranging from fans and pumps to conveyors and elevators.

With the Quantum WP2 motor, GE aims to accelerate the transition toward more efficient and sustainable electric systems. Its innovative features set a new benchmark for premium motor performance.

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