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Teco Westinghouse Motor – 4500 HP – 3600 RPM – WPII – 450E Frame – 2300/4160 Volts

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This 4500hp motor is located in Texas. If you are looking for a motor of this makeup, please contact Heartland Motors at 615-839-4000 and place your order.

Manufacturer: Teco Westinghouse
HP: 4500
RPM: 3600
Enclosure: WP2
Frame: 450E
Voltage: 2300/4160
Bearing: Sleeve

Teco Westinghouse 4500 HP Motor Specs

Sleeve Bearings,Forced Lube system required
Copper bar rotor.
100 ohm winding & bearing RTDs.
Space heaters.
Provisions for filters.
Precision balance.
Rotation currently CW-DE.
Data & drawings on file.

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