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What is a WP2 Motor?

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A weather protected type 2 motor, or simply WP2 motor, is a type of electric motor that is designed to withstand outdoor use and wet environments. WPII motors utilize enclosures that protect internal components from ingress of water, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. In this article, we’ll cover most of the common concepts revolving around WP2 motors.

How WPII Motors Are Constructed

WPII motors feature enclosed housings and end brackets that provide a barrier against external elements. Seams are welded or gasketed to prevent moisture entry. The motor shaft is equipped with seals and caps to protect the interior at this vulnerable point.

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Internal parts like windings and rotors are fully encapsulated in epoxy resins or varnishes. This provides an extra layer of insulation and corrosion resistance. Special water-resistant bearings containing seals are used. Cooling is provided through the motor frame rather than direct airflow.

Aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron are common enclosure materials. A drain hole at the bottom removes any moisture that condenses internally before it can accumulate. Fasteners tend to be stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Protection Level of WPII Motors

Weather protected type 2 motors are designed to meet NEMA MG1 standards for weather resistance. They can withstand falling water up to 15 degrees from vertical.

The enclosure provides protection against snow, rain, and splashing water from all directions. WPII motors can operate in high humidity environments while preventing internal condensation.

These motors are rated for outdoor installation and operation down to -30°C temperatures. The rugged enclosed construction also resists UV radiation, fungi growth, and corrosion.

Where Can I Buy a WP2 Motor?

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Typical Applications of WPII Motors

Weather protected type 2 electric motors are ideal for wet outdoor environments or corrosive indoor atmospheres. Here are some common applications:

  • Pumps for wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and irrigation
  • Fans and air handling units for air pollution control
  • Conveyors, cranes, and hoists in outdoor industrial plants
  • Mining equipment like crushers, shovels, and draglines
  • Offshore oil rig machinery exposed to sea spray
  • Commercial HVAC units situated outdoors
  • Amusement park rides subject to rain and washdown

Any application where electric motors are exposed to weather elements can benefit from WPII motor technology.

Benefits of WPII Compared to Standard Motors

Weather protected type 2 motors provide significant advantages over general purpose open motors:

  • Operate outdoors without additional shelters or enclosures
  • Withstand wet environments without short circuiting
  • Prevent internal corrosion and debris contamination
  • Require less frequent maintenance due to sealed design
  • Provide many years of reliable service in harsh conditions
  • Operate at lower noise levels due to closed housing

The rugged construction ensures reliable performance with reduced maintenance downtime.

Options and Variants of WPII Motors

Weather protected type 2 motors cover a range of motor types, sizes, enclosures, and component options:

  • Single or three phase power
  • Horsepower ranging from fractional to 500HP+
  • TEFC and TENV cooling configurations
  • Aluminum, cast iron, or stainless steel enclosures
  • Explosion-proof, inverter duty, high efficiency models
  • Custom winding insulation and sealing for extreme environments
  • Class F or H winding insulation for high heat tolerance
  • Rough service and high starting torque designs

This versatility makes WPII motors suitable for diverse applications.

WP2 Motors vs WP1 Motors

Here is a comparison of Weather Protected Type 1 (WPI) and Type 2 (WPII) electric motors:

Weather Protection Levels:

  • WPI motors are designed to protect against vertically falling water and condensation.
  • WPII motors provide protection against water from all directions – rain, splashing, hose-downs.

Water Resistance:

  • WPI enclosures allow water ingress past 15 degrees from vertical.
  • WPII enclosures protect against water infiltration from any direction.

NEMA Motor Enclosure Ratings:

  • WPI motors meet IP23 rating (dripping water protection).
  • WPII motors meet IP54 rating (splashing water protection).


  • WPI motors suitable for indoor locations with occasional moisture and drips.
  • WPII motors designed for reliable outdoor use in wet environments.


  • WPI motors require more frequent inspection of internal moisture buildup.
  • WPII motors better at preventing internal water accumulation.

Environmental Resistance:

  • WPI offers basic condensation and drip protection for motors.
  • WPII provides superior wet environment protection with fully enclosed design.

WPII motors offer better weather resistance with their all-direction water protection, making them ideal for reliable outdoor motor applications.

Common Questions About WPII Motors

With WP2 motors being ideal for outdoor and demanding environments, it’s important to understand their capabilities and limitations. To address some of the frequently asked questions about these rugged sealed motors, we’ve compiled a useful common questions section below.

Whether you’re looking to replace a standard motor with a WP2 model or simply want to learn more about their design and performance, the topics covered in this FAQ should provide helpful insights.

What is the difference between WPI and WPII motors?

WPII motors add protection against water coming from all directions. WPI motors only protect against vertically falling water.

Can you control speed on WPII motors?

Yes, using variable frequency drives. The rugged enclosure allows reliable speed control under wet conditions.

What maintenance do WPII motors require?

Minimal maintenance if sized and installed correctly. Periodically check seals, caps, and drain holes. Add lubricant to bearings after many years.

What is the typical lifespan of a WPII motor?

Designed to last 15-20 years in outdoor environments with proper maintenance. Bearing life usually determines overall motor lifespan.

Can WPII motors be mounted in any orientation?

WPII motors can be installed horizontally or vertically. Ensure moisture drains freely from drain holes.

Summary – WP2 Motors Explained

Weather protected type 2 electric motors allow reliable performance in challenging wet or corrosive environments thanks to their rugged sealed construction. WPII motors withstand outdoor conditions that would damage standard open motors.

With proper sizing and installation, WPII motors require minimal maintenance while providing many years of trouble-free operation. Their versatility makes them ideal for pumps, fans, conveyors, cranes, and other equipment exposed to moisture.

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