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WP2 Motors For Sale

WP2 Motors For Sale

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WP2 refers to weather protected type 2 electric motors that have enclosures designed to protect the interior components from normal outdoor environments. WP2 motors utilize screens and filters over the ventilation openings to prevent large particles and water from entering the motor. Since WP2 motors offer more protection than open motors, they are commonly used for pumps, fans, and other equipment exposed to moisture or dirt. Heartland Motors has a great selection of WP2 motors for sale. Call us for a quote, today.

GE Quantum WP2

The GE Quantum WP2 is a heavy duty, electric motor with weather protective features (hence the WP designator) to allow reliable operation in harsh outdoor environments. It would be used in industries like mining, oil/gas, etc… that need high power motors outdoors. The GE Quantum weather protections allow it to withstand rain, snow, dust, etc.

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What Are WP2 Motors?

Certified to NEMA’s WP2 enclosure rating, these motors can be oriented in any position and endure exposure to dripping water, splashing, washdowns, and some condensation buildup. Their seals, gaskets, drains and other features prevent excess water from entering the electrical components.

WP2 industrial motors provide a cost-effective solution for pumps, conveyors, outdoor equipment and other applications where motors encounter splashing water or high humidity. With NEMA frame sizes from fractional to 500 horsepower, WP2 motors deliver moderate water protection to keep your processes running smoothly even in wet environments.

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